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At , we understand that financing a home purchase home can be stressful, which is why we partner with only the most experienced and dedicated loan officers to provide our home buyers and borrowers with the most simple, fast, and straightforward financing solutions.

If you’re looking for a Florida home loan at a competitive rate, we have you covered. Our loan officer partners are strategically selected for their unparalleled customer service, honesty, and integrity. From your initial consultation to the day you close on your new home, our expert loan officers are with you every step of the way to help you navigate your mortgage application, loan approval, and closing process with minimal stress.

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I am a professional loan originator who focuses on solutions and satisfaction for each of my client’s unique situations. Whether you are looking for a new loan with great terms, or finding a better refinance solution, I will individually consult with you to ensure that I offer a full line of loan product solutions that best match your unique needs and financial situation. I believe in effective communication with each of my clients throughout the entire business transaction and strive to build a relationship that continues long after your loan is closed. I am committed to earning your business and respect every time you choose to do business with me and refer others to engage my services.

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How Does the Florida
Mortgage Process Work?

Step 1. Receive pre-qualification from your lender:
Loan prequalification helps you set your budget and enables you to take the first step towards realizing your dream
Step 2. Find your dream home:
has a selection of new build homes for you to choose from. With spacious, open-plan living and plenty of curb appeal, there's something for everyone.
Step 3. Sign your sales contract:
Our friendly real estate advisors will walk you through each step of the purchasing process, so you rest assured you’re in safe hands.
Step 4. Submit your loan application to your lender:
Once you’ve found your ideal home and signed the purchase contract, it’s time to reach out to your lender. Your lender will begin the loan process and keep you updated throughout.
Step 5. Your lender orders the title documents and property appraisal:
A title search and appraisal will be conducted on your new home. Our real estate advisors and your lender will be available for any questions you might have.
Step 6. Your lender will review and process the loan materials:
If your lender requires any information from you, they’ll be sure to reach out and keep everything on track.
Step 7. Your loan is submitted to underwriting for approval:
This is one of the final steps in the financing process before receiving your “Clear to Close!”
Step 8. Preparation of the Closing Disclosure
Before your scheduled closing day, a closing disclosure will be prepared by your lender that gives you all of the details of your loan for you to review. If you have any questions, you can reach out to your mortgage broker.
Step 9. Sign your loan documents:
If everything looks good on your closing disclosure, you’ll move towards finalizing your loan documents!
Step 10. Congratulations! Your loan is funded and recorded:
Once everything is signed, sealed, and delivered, your lender will fund the loan, and you’ll close on your new home!

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