Ground Up Program

Onnon Building’s Ground Up Program is a simplified process for building a new home on your lot. Building a new home doesn’t need to be a hassle. You purchase a lot in a location you love. We will guide you through the process of building your dream home on your lot. You can cancel the contract at any time for any reason.

Purchasing your new home should be one of the most exciting, fun and rewarding events of your life, as this is the neighborhood where you will live, love and spend your time. The process should give you the home you want on the lot you select. We will be your liaison from the start of construction to completion of your new home. No hassling with builders or misunderstandings as to what is included. We work with you as your Customer Service Representative at no charge to you from your decision to purchase, through signing of purchase contract, through the construction process to receiving the Certificate of Occupancy.

Please review the below steps and remember if for ANY REASON you do not wish to complete the purchase you have a simple cancellation clause you may exercise from inception until receipt of the Certificate of Occupancy. Too good to be true? Read the below cancellation clause and, if you’re comfortable, go through the step-by-step process.

You can cancel the contract for your new home at any time between the signing of the purchase agreement and the receipt of the Certificate of Occupancy. Your Cancellation Cost will be known to you prior to signing the purchase contact. It is the difference in the wholesale cost of the lot that we would pay for the lot and the retail price you paid. That’s it, no further obligation to you, if your circumstances change for any reason and you do not wish to take delivery of the home.

When you are shopping for your ideal lot, we recommend you contact us to help you analyze any lots you may be interested in purchasing. The cost to prepare your lot for the construction of your new home can vary depending on the features of the lot. Two primary considerations we evaluate for you are the amount of lot clearing and lot fill needed. We can analyze any lot you are interested in purchasing prior to your purchase decision.

Once your lot is selected and purchased, your builder will estimate the value of the lot based on the cost the builder would normally spend on an equivalent lot. This number will be included on the purchase agreement you sign. Your lot must be turned over to the builder so your home can be built. Turning your lot over to the builder free and clear of any debt is considered your down payment. Normally builders are finding lots in the $9,000 – $13,000 range. No matter what you pay for the lot, whether it be $5,000 or $20,000, the builder will assign a value to the lot when you sign the contract.

Example: You buy a lot for $18,000

The builder appraises the lot value at $13,000

You turn the lot over to the builder so your new home can be built on the lot.

As shown in the example above, if for any reason you cancel the contract to build your new home at any time between the signing of the purchase agreement and the receipt of the certificate of occupancy, you will be refunded the builder’s appraised value of your lot. In the example above, you would forfeit the $5,000 difference in the price you paid and the builder’s appraised value of the lot. If you bought the lot for less than the appraised value, you would still receive the builder appraised value ($13,000) if you cancel the contract during construction despite this being more than double the price you paid for the lot.

This is not a construction loan, this is the residential home mortgage loan you will take to pay the builder upon completion of construction once the certificate of occupancy is received. You need to pre-qualify for the cost to build your home which you will pay the builder upon completion.

The most important part of your purchase is where you live, your neighborhood. You have selected or will select the lot where your dream home will be built. We will tell you at time of purchase what we would have paid for the lot for our inventory. You will probably pay more retail than we would pay for an inventory lot. We recommend you do not worry about the cost of the lot and live where you want. Inflation at the government target of 2% will probably cover the increased cost of the lot within a few years. If you overpay by $10,000 dollars for a lot and your house costs $300,000, in less than three years you will have covered the cost for living where you want simply through inflation. What is important is your new home will be built in the neighborhood you choose.

Prior to purchasing your lot, we recommend you contact us to analyze the lot you want. We have extensive experience understanding the costs associated to make the lot buildable. Our experience with estimating costs such as lot clearing and lot fill will help you understand which lots will require the least amount of cost to make them ready to build. At the time of our analysis, the builder will tell you the value the lot is worth to the builder. If you decide to exercise your cancellation option prior to closing on the home purchase, the lot value as estimated by your builder will be reimbursed to you. Your lot needs to be owned free and clear so it can be turned over to the builder who will build your home on that lot. Your lot is your down payment needed to start construction of your new home.

Select which home you would like us to build for you. Your options can be viewed and customized at

Sign a Purchase Contract for your new home.for the home model you want us to build for you. Your home will be built within a year allowing 120 days for permitting and 150 to 180 days for construction. You will know the construction cost based on current material & labor prices when you sign the Purchase Contract. You are protected if costs rise between contract & completions. Your protection is your ability to cancel the contract at any time for any reason.

Customize your home using our visualizer which can be found on our website at Choose the model of the home you like, select your preferred finishes including flooring, paint color (interior & exterior), cabinet finish, appliances finish, and backsplash. Save your preferences from our available options. We will send your preferred customizations to your builder.

When construction is completed and you have received your “Certificate of Occupancy” from the county, it will be time to close on your mortgage. The benefit to this process is you can obtain a standard mortgage since the home is completed and ready for occupancy. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of getting a construction loan and later getting a mortgage loan. Once your loan closes and the builder has been paid, you can move into your new home.

All Onnon Building homes all include the following features:

  • Fenced Backyard (6’ Privacy Fence)
  • Screened Lanai (10’ x 16’)
  • Upgrade Curb Appeal Landscaping
  • Sprinkler System
  • Security System and Outdoor Security Lighting
  • Upgraded Mailbox
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Bedroom Closet Designer Package
  • Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System
  • Blinds
  • Bathroom Accessories including Bidet System
  • Epoxy Painted Garage Floor, Porch and Lanai Deck
Once you select the model you want built, finalize the floor plan, and select your finishes (using our visualizer), the process is fixed. Onnon Building includes a set package of amenities to ensure your home meets our expectations. Any additional amenities you request Onnon Building add to your home will be handled as a separate charge if they cannot be added to the mortgage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing unless you make the decision to cancel the contract.
You do not owe any money if you cancel your contract during construction. If you are having the home built on your lot, you would be reimbursed what the builder stated was the fair market value of that lot at the time of signing the purchase agreement. If you paid for any custom change orders that require the builder to incur costs to return the home to one of our standard finishes, the deposit on that change order will be forfeited.
The inclusion of appliances is dependent on the additional amenities a builder may offer you beyond the standard Onnon Building amenities package.
You can make certain customizations that are not included in the visualizer. However, a non-refundable deposit will be required that covers the cost to return the home to one of our standard finishes if you cancel the contract prior to the date of move-in.