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Trade-in & Trade-up Program

ONNON Building’s innovative Trade-In Trade-Up Program is designed to give you an additional option in the selling of your existing home and moving into your new home.

This program will:

  1. Eliminate the delay of finding a buyer for your existing home.
  2. Eliminate the delay in closing.
  3. Avoid unnecessary Real Estate Sales Commissions.
  4. Avoid the expenditures of cash needed to make repairs prior to sale.
  5. Avoid the aesthetic improvements in order to increase 'curb appeal' for a prospective buyer.
  6. Avoid the possibility of a renegotiation at the time of closing.
  7. Avoid the possibility of an interest rate increase in this interim period.
  8. Avoid the possibility of lack of availability of the house of your choosing because of the time delay.

If this program appeals to you please contact us via email with your name, address and preferred contact information as well as a picture of the front of your home. You will be contacted in a very short period of time, usually less than an hour.


We have access to many options, if you require assistance, in obtaining a mortgage or a short term bridge loan to get you into the home of your choice in the fastest possible time frame.


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